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Hello! My name is Matthew and I've been making things on the web since 1998.

I create websites that are simple, affordable, responsive, and accessible.

If you are interested in having me create a website for you,
or if you just want to know how all this website stuff works,
send me a message:





Matthew and was referred to me by a colleague...and I am going to owe her forever, what a perfect recommendation. I was new to the area and needed to jumpstart my new business...and Matthew was the key to my success....easy to contact, easy to understand (I'm not a techy guy) easy to implement and most important to me, easy to update! I just successfully updated my website with new pictures...using the tutorial provided by Matthew. What I really appreciated were the recommendations over and above....related to design, color, marketing, security, etc...the list goes on and on.
Thanks Matthew...I'll be back for more.

Jason Loder, LMT




I can’t say enough about how wonderful it has been to work with Matthew. He is very prompt on returning emails, his tutorials are easy to follow and I know that if I have any problems he is only a phone, text or call away. I have had other webmasters who have started a great site then in time they forget about me. Not Matthew! He improved my own website Sandy Fisher Woven so successfully that I recently contacted him again to start another, Chico Flax, along with my husband. Same great service and quality! Thank you Matthew.
— Sandy Fisher & Durl Van Alstyne, Chico Flax




Matthew has been providing website design and maintenance for Next Barn Over going on five years now. Matthew is extremely enjoyable to work with and offers his skills at an affordable rate. He is very knowledgeable and responsive to any technical or maintenance issues that arise. Our business greatly benefits from Matthew’s creative eye, proficiency, and dedication to his work! We couldn’t be happier!
— MJ LaForest, Next Barn Over



It has been such a gift to work with Matthew in creating and maintaining a website for the better part of a decade. His vision is always so clear and precise; he truly has a knack for merging beauty with functionality. Everyone who sees my website comments on how lovely, accessible, and unique it is in its simple elegance.
Anna Bayles Arthur, visual artist



Matthew is fantastic. He offers high-quality work for a reasonable price and will meet your deadlines. What more could you want? Well, he's also reliable and creative--and a nice guy. I am very happy to recommend Homemadejam.
— Mark Katz, Director of Next Level and professor at the University of North Carolina





I recently hired Matthew to build a website for my business and I couldn't be happier with the process or the result. Matthew responded so promptly to my questions and was so thorough in his efforts to create the website of my dreams. 5 stars!!
Jessica Taffet, Doula





Homemadejam strikes a perfect balance between technical skill, creativity, and openness. I found them to be insightful and sensitive during the design process, and flawless in its execution. I cannot recommend them highly enough.
Joseph Schloss, Ph.D.





I find online life alternately frenetic and bland, but when I’m at my website, all is calm and distinct. Matthew makes the web world easy for me—lean and elegant and possible. He listens to what I need and helps me get there, whether we’re talking added features to take my business in a new direction or wholesale redesign. As a freelancer, I need my website to function seamlessly without constant attention from me, and Matthew makes that happen, freeing me up to meet my own clients’ needs. Thanks, Matthew!
Julie Van Pelt, Writer & Editor





It was a pleasure working with Matthew on my website. He quickly understood what needed to be done and over the course of a few weeks we exchanged ideas on content and design until I was completely satisfied. The site looks good, says what needs to be said, and nicely represents my professional work. The process of creating the site was so rewarding that my only regret is that we’ve now finished it!
Paul Staiti, Professor of Fine Arts, Mount Holyoke College





Those who are looking for someone to create, maintain or bring a website back to life, please look no further than Matthew King and Homemade Jam! I cannot sing enough praises for Matthew. He gets to changes and uploads so quickly, problem solves creatively and is wonderful at interpreting and implementing the site that you want out there. In addition to all of that he is lovely, profoundly talented, asks all the right questions, and is super easy to work with!
— Denise Beaudet, Roots To Resistance





Thanks for your patience and your wonderful work! I'm so glad to have found you.
— Kathleen Hensley, Monolith Magazine