winter solstice greetings
12 ~ 21 ~ 2010

facing west, early morning

At the End of the Year

The particular mind of the ocean
Filling the coastline's longing
With such brief harvest
Of elegant, vanishing waves
Is like the mind of time
Opening us shapes of days.

As this year draws to its end,
We give thanks for the gifts it brought
And how they became inlaid within
Where neither time nor tide can touch them.

The days when the veil lifted
And the soul could see delight;
When a quiver caressed the heart
In the sheer exuberance of being here.

Surprises that came awake
In forgotten corners of old fields
Where expectation seemed to have quenched.

The slow, brooding times
When all was awkward
And the wave in the mind
Pierced every sore with salt.

The darkened days that stopped
The confidence of the dawn.

Days when beloved faces shone brighter
With light from beyond themselves;
And from the granite of some secret sorrow
A stream of buried tears loosened.

We bless this year for all we learned,
For all we loved and lost
And for the quiet way it brought us
Nearer to our invisible destination.

~ John O'Donohue

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

music for watching the sun rise
Lullaby From The West Coast Sleepers ~ Max Richter

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The sun & the earth conspired to play a bit of sleight of hand with the solstice sunrise this morning. We bundled tightly for the wind we could hear rushing outside in the early morning dark and made our way up Mount Pollux. At the top, we made our greetings to the two ancient maples that stand there and turned to the east to wait to greet the sun as well. But the horizon there was thick with dark cloud and as we waited, and waited, it soon became clear the sun was not going to find its way through.

But when we turned around we saw to the west a sky full of pale fire, all manner of peach and blue and pearly white. And for a moment, we wondered whether we had been facing the right direction, wondered whether the whole world had been turned around.

So, our solstice message to you all this year is this:
Remember to turn yourself around every now and then.
Brightness will be found in directions you don't expect.


~ ~ ~


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